Bob Familiar

Director at Microsoft

Bob Familiar is the Director of the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Boston. The MTC is an innovation hub for Microsoft’s customers providing them the opportunity to engage and collaborate with Microsoft on their most challenging issues related to becoming a Digital Business. The MTC provides Strategy Sessions, Architecture Design, Hands-On Workshops, Hackathons and works with customers to design and build Rapid Prototypes for connected products, augmented reality, and the application of artificial intelligence within business scenarios. Bob is a software industry veteran with over 34 years of experience as a software developer, architect, consultant, evangelist, and author of two books, ‘Microservices, IoT and Azure’ and ‘Business in Real-Time using Azure IoT and Cortana Intelligence Suite’. He is a frequent industry speaker on enabling businesses to realize the full benefit of digital transformation through the application of lean engineering.

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Ruth Vela

Derek Winchester

Chief Technology Officer at Gotcha 6 Technologies

Derek Winchester co-founder #init6, Member of CCIE Advisory Council, CEO of Gotcha 6 Technologies. Certifications include CCIE Collaboration, RHCSA, DevNet Associate, DevNet Data Center Automation, Specialist Publish Author “Routing” by Syngress Media.

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Diana Vowels NGT LIVE 2020

Colin Mcnamara

Sr. Network Development Manager

I lead companies, communities, and individuals through change. These changes include technical, business model as well as organizational change. Over the years, I have been a change agent in regional and global service providers, software development teams, brick and mortar manufacturing companies, multinational enterprises, focused startups, national consulting companies, and global SaaS / Cloud providers. My experience spans many industries, verticals, and job roles. One constant has been that shifting technology and market conditions have been accelerating both the pace and rate of change in many areas of the businesses I have worked within. The difference is the only constant, and it is accelerating. The ability to forecast the change, its effect on your current business and organization, as well as your competitors, is key to not only success but survival in today’s economy.

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Cynthia Travis NGT LIVE 2020

Tobiah Walter

Training Manager at NexGenT

Responsible for translating business/customer requirements into platform architecture encompassing hardware, software, SoCs and other components designed to support a variety of systems, solutions and applications. Leads architectural governance and decisions related to product technology and platform trade-offs as part of a cross functional architecture decision group. Provide technical direction for platform, SoC and component design activities. Influences the shaping of future products/solutions by significantly contributing to the architecture and technology employed throughout the compute continuum. Provides multilayered technical expertise for next generation initiatives. Engage with the earliest phases of product design and technology development to incorporate and amplify the “Design for the Supply Chain” point of view, and proactively prepare for new product and technology.

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Cynthia Travis NGT LIVE 2020

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